Stevens 1885-11-06

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Received letter from Graves and Miller, Land agents etc of Banbury, acting for Jesse Bishop asking whether the Trustees would give an undertaking that they would pay Jesse Bishop for acts of husbandry in the event of Jesse Bishop’s giving up the farm. I replied that on my own authority I can only say that the Trustees would do what they were compelled in law to do as regards Jesse Bishop; since their duty was to administer the Town Estates strictly for the benefit of the parishioners of Sibford Gower. I added that if Bishop wished to make any application to the trustees he might do so at their annual meeting which would take place early in January next, and of which he would be duly apprised.

Mr Montagu went down to call on Canon Payne this morning, and to visit his old parishioners at Epwell this afternoon.

Mr and Mrs Davies and Miss Dix came this afternoon to tea.

I visited William Henry Sabin and filled up another Horton Infirmary letter for him; as he has frequent fits.

Visited Eliza Lamb, Summerton new Baker and Grocer, and Thomas Barnes.