Stevens 1885-10-29

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Annie Martin left for Southsea. P. Webb drove her and Bell to Banbury.

Taught in School this afternoon.

Harmer & Co, Government Contractors of Norwich, sent me wholesale price list of military overcoats (2nd hand and surplus stock) for Labourers, etc. I printed some notices and sent them out by children to effect that if any would like these coats they might come to me at the SSchoolroom at 7 o’clock next Saturday evening. I sent to Harmer & Co for samples.

Visited Mr Dix.

Mr and Mrs Davies here to tea. He and I went for a walk in afternoon as far as Epwell White House. On return and all evening as well as next day I was in much pain ob penem attritum. Routh visited Harry 4th time.

ob penem attritum – because of a sore penis