Stevens 1885-08-10

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Received from Simpkin Marshall & Co cheque for £35.6.10 for sales of Analytical Classical Series during past half year. The amount is much smaller than usual, as we have done no advertising on acount of excessive delay in bringing out the New Series of Latin English, and Greek English Classics of which we wished to advertise with the others. Hughes and Butler & Tanner blame each other apparently.

Dr Wood, Rural Dean of Cuddesdon Deanery and his daughter came from Cropredy.

I drove Bell out, intending to go to Banbury, but when we got to Tadmarton the threatening aspect of the sky compelled us to return.

Harry and Arthur Shelswell were here to tea.

Robert Austin called about pump at farm, which is out of repair. I gave him a note for Fox, requesting him to do what was necessary.