Stevens 1885-07-31

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Received a letter from Mr Staff, 6 Hedgerley Park Terrace, High Road, Chiswick, my co-executor and trustee in the Brown Estate – saying that William the youngest boy will come of age next month – that they all wish their property to remain intact and transferred to them jointly. Mr Staff does not think this will do. I wrote a letter to each of them asking what their wishes were in the matter.

Received a letter from Cassie Heming saying that her sister Adelaide, recently home from school in Germany wished to get a situation as governess and would be glad if I would act as referee. I replied that I would say all I could say with truth – but not more : for however estimable Adelaide Heming may be, I have only seen her once and that was several years ago.

Frank had Oddie children and others to tea. Mr Oddie called and I walked with him to Hook Norton and back.

Miss Summerton called for my signature to her Annuity Receipt.

Visited Tay, and his mother in law Mrs Stockford, Joseph Dale and George Payne.