Stevens 1885-06-21

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Bright, but windy and cool.

Taught in Boys’ School this morning.

Visited Ezra Green. The little boy, age about 7 who is ill looked so dreadfully dirty and neglected that I felt it my duty to reprimand the mother very severely. I told her to get some warm water and wash him for his neck looked as though it had not been washed for two or three weeks and the bosom of his shirt was wet and soiled with linseed. I told her that no such woebegone, neglected, ragged half-starved looking children as hers were to be seen anywhere else in the parish – and that if this one died she would have his death upon her conscience that she had contributed to it by her neglect. I told her also about her gossiping habits, and reminded her that her husband got better wages than most of the working men and that he did not spend them in drink.

Visited Mrs Shelswell, Miss Dix, Mr W. Fox.

Attended Choir practice this evening.