Stevens 1885-02-08

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Rain and high wind.

Attended Sunday School this morning. Spoke to boy Jarvis a poor-law apprentice to Richard Walker the blacksmith about his behaviour; both Walker and his wife having complained to me about him. The boy said Mrs Walker was very kind to him, but the man got the worse for drink very frequently and then knocked him about very cruelly. I told him to behave well to his master and then if he had any complaint of undue severity he must come to me or go to the nearest magistrate.

This afternoon Walker’s child was baptized and the man came to me in the vestry. I taxed him with drunkenness and ill using the boy, warning him of the consequences and telling him that if the boy complained to me about the treatment he received I should be compelled to take the matter up. Walker being quite sober, was very civil – said he would sign the pledge and come to church a great deal better than he had been in the habit of doing.

Baptized children of R. Walker, D. Ainge and T. Aris.

No Choir practice this evening.