Stevens 1884-11-01

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All Saints Day. Divine Service at 9.15 am.

Received Longman & Co’s account for year ended 30 June last. There is due to me as ¼ profits on first two items

Grade Lesson Books 74.  1. 10
Arithmetic Cards   1.  1. 11
Scripture Lessons             4
  75.  4.   1

Ten years ago my share was £4.50.

Received cheque from Ecclesiastical Commissioners for £13.10 less 5/7 income tax, at 5d. in the £.

Bonner called at noon.

Some (of) the Bandsmen called this evening, and said they wanted to send up the money to Besson & Co of Euston Road, London, for their Instruments. I therefore returned them the £7.19 which I had in hand, for the purpose.