Stevens 1884-10-21

A plaque on a wall

Wrote to Rev. H. Powell, St Paul’s House, St Leonards, offering him £360 for his goodwill of school but declining to pay anything for Lease as there were only some 3 years to run – and at the end of that time I might have to spend one or two hundred pounds on repairs. The agents told me at first that there were 18 pupils at from £80 to £150 and that Mr Powell asked £500 for goodwill, nothing being said about lease. The £360 I offer today is the same proportion of £500 as the reality of his income (£1100) bears to the stated income. I offer to pay for School furniture and fixtures at valuation.

Visited Hannah Keen, also Mrs John Manning, Sibford Ferris hill, who fell down last Sunday morning and broke her leg. She is going on satisfactorily.

Met William Golden, carrier, of Sibford Ferris, who told me he would come up in a few evenings and pay me rent in advance for 2 Sibford Ferris Allotments certain, if I would let them to him.