Stevens 1877-03-21

Sent £9.5.2 cheque to Lands Improvement Company for Charity Account.

Lewis Poulton called about Heath repairs. He says that tiles for roof of barn will cost as much as slates and be not quite so good. I told him to measure the work and tell me what would be required to roof the whole barn and what for the portion most needing repair.

A day or two ago the Rev A. Short of Bodicote who inspected the School a week or two ago sent me the following report.

Though this school does not reach a high standard, the instruction seems to be good and accurate throughout. The Catechism was very well known and in arithmetic there were hardly any failures. The scriptures had been carefully taught, though the answers lacked intelligence.

Henry Norman Manning recommended for the Diocesan prize.

Marion Harris commended; also John Tay and Maryann Lines. The last two not mentioned in written report but at close of Examination.