Stevens 1877-03-08

Visited Benjamin Messenger’s wife. Talked to her seriously and gave her her coal-ticket. She seemed somewhat affected at what I said to her.

Visited Mrs Ellis, and read and prayed with her husband, who seemed however to be scarcely conscious of what I said to him.

Called on Tennant at the Bishop Blaise Inn about the chief rent due to the Lord of the Manor. He said he had not the receipts, but as soon as he got them he would call on me.

I had made a mistake on Thomas Hone’s coal ticket, allowing for only 2 children instead of 4. I therefore gave 2 cwt more.

Told Poulton to begin repairs at Heath Farm. Fox ditto.

Mrs Miller returned form for Commissioners of Charity. Sent it to Mr ?Dickins? of Cherington to sign.