Stevens 1884-07-17

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Wingate drove me into Shrewsbury and we visited the chief places of interest, viz St Mary’s Church, St Chad’s Church, St Julian’s Church where we met with the Vicar, a very agreeable man who showed us in his church a palimpsest tombstone of the 12th century, and took us over the museum. Visited the old market, the new market, the Workman’s Hall and the Abbey Church. Observed the fine examples of Tudor Domestic Architecture of which the town possesses many good examples. Visited the old grammar school now being transformed into a public library and museum. The outside of the castle, an unimportant looking building, now used as a private residence. The Old Council house, and walked on the top of the old town wall. Afterwards drove out to Uffington.

The cuttings pasted in the diary pages for this date are from the Banbury Guardian of 17th July and contain a report on the Board of Guardians meeting of 10th July, which is where we have included them.