Stevens 1884-07-05

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Mr Franey called this morning; but Mrs Enock employed men last night to bury the remains of the cow in the premises adjoining hers. Mr Franey seemed somewhat annoyed that it was not left for him to smell – and said that if the Rural Sanitary Authority sent to him to do an Inspector’s work he would have to send them in an account. But he was pleasant enough over it. As a matter of principle he is quite right. The Rural Sanitary Authority ought to have appointed an Inspector of Nuisances months ago.

I called on Mrs Enock a few days afterwards. She told me there were several shovels full of maggots on the ground. She had a bonfire made to purify the air and chloride of lime strewn about. The man Lock had been to her and said he was very sorry and would pay all expenses she had been put to.