Stevens 1883-06-07

A close up of a newspaper

Attended School Attendance Committee at Banbury. One woman summoned before us from Hook Norton for not sending her daughter to School said the girl was nearly 13 and had nearly passed the 4th Standard. But having failed in one subject was discouraged and would not go to School. “She fannules me a’most, dear good genelmen, for hers taller not I be and a better woman too. I have tried my best to get her to school but – her won’t go, tho’ I’ve took her wi’ a card (cord) round her neck and swore as I’d hang her. I can’t do wi’ her no ways, dear good genelmen.”

“Well you had better give up talking about hanging her and try what reasoning with her kindly will do. Tell her her father will have to go before the Magistrates if she does not go to school. Will you do your best?”

“Yes, dear good genelmen, that I wool.”

Thank you Genelmen (curtsy) good day genelmen (curtsy repeated at the door.)