Stevens 1882-12-27

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…. Richard Reason called to ask whether I would speak for him if he made application to the Board of Guardians tomorrow to make some allowance, as he was unable to work having a “frosted hand” and was destitute. He said he had not been able to earn more than 5/- a week on the average since he was here in the Spring. He owed Mr. R. Lamb £3 for rent. He went to work for him, “hooing” turnips at ???? per acre – but they did not tell him how much an acre he was to have. Mr. Lamb he said treated him as “destitute” and gave him 2/- a week to live on. Got him to take 9 lbs of mutton – of a sheep which met with an accident – at 7d. per lb. – and keeping the balance for rent due to him – gave him 4/4 at end of job, for 9 weeks work.

He has been working for Mr. Mann at turnip pulling but could not make more than 5/- per week at it; and in similar employment at Mr. Pettipher’s has got his hand frost bitten. Of course he wanted me to see his bad hand, which I did, much against my will.