Stevens 1881-11-11

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Took train for Victoria where Vere left me to go to his parents at Upper Norwood.

I took a cab to Paddington, and having washed and dined, left London by a somewhat later train than that I usually travel to Oxfordshire by namely the 1 o’clock. However, I arrived home in good time in the evening, in excellent health, having enjoyed my holiday extremely and derived much benefit of various kinds from it. The total expenses for myself and Vere were some two pounds less than £100.

I am thankful to say I find all well. Bell and Frank were in Brighton where they had been for a fortnight before the 3rd of October on which day I went abroad with Vere and Rosa joined her mother and Frank whilst Harry went to Oxford. They left Brighton about a fortnight ago and stayed at Mrs Mountain’s, Westbrook, Alleyn Park, Dulwich for a week, returning to Sibford about a week ago.