Stevens 1879-05-04

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Holy Communion offertory 14/6½.

Visited Mr Barton, Thomas Sabin, Widow Henry Sabin, Mrs Shelswell, Sarah Young, Charles Coleman, no one at home, Misses Dix where I met Mr and Mrs Marshall, Mrs Way and a Miss Mawle of Banbury.

Some disorderly boys in road annoyed Miss Dix etc at Choir practice this evening.  I caught Amos Young in flagrante delicto and boxed his ear at which he seemed immensely astonished.

Miss Dix told me that the boy Joseph Robinson, age about 9, son of Widow Ann Robinson – born in America whither his father had emigrated from Sibford with his family – met Mrs Norris on May Day and asked her for some money. On her enquiring why she should give him money he said he had been to Dix’s for her once or twice. He was rude as she thought and said she could not give him anything as he had asked her – “What would you have given me, if I hadn’t asked you?” was his reply.