Stevens 1879-03-26

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Visited Rev Canon Payne, Edward Scruby, Richard Scruby and Job Harris who are all ill.

Invited Mr Wells the organist to breakfast and afterwards sent him as far as Bloxham on his way to Adderbury.

Mr Woolgrove called this evening having seen Mr Sims of Hook Norton about the farm, and told him he thought the Trustees would take £170 per annum for the farm on 7 years lease, giving back £40 per annum for the first 3 and £10 per annum for the last 4 years. Cost of lease to be divided equally. I told him I hoped that the Trustees would be able to let it to a good tenant for £170, returning 20 or 25 per cent for manure the first year, 15, 10, 5 – on lease for 7 or 8 years.