Stevens 1878-06-14

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Called on the Misses Dix. Miss E. Dix told me she had spoken to Edward Holland (“Ned”) about not coming to Church. He said he would not come whilst I was here, for that I had asked Mr. Enoch to turn him out of his house when he had the young woman then with his son. Subsequently at my suggestion Miss Dix told him he had not been to Church for months before that time. He then said something about the “Loggin Bread” – I asked her to remind him that if I had not given him the Loggin Charity in loaves, I had given him 5 to 10 times the amount in money and other ways when he was ill. He then said he had to milk the cows on Sunday – Miss Dix told him he had not to do that during Church time – It is very good of her to take so much trouble – but I fear he is an incorrigible. She told him he did not go to Church to pray to the clergyman, but to God to which he replied that was just what Mrs. Norris told him.