Stevens 1878-03-26

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Lewis Poulton spoke about raising of school-fees to Mechanics etc rather prematurely seeing that his only child is only a few weeks old. Talked about hardship, free school, the duty of Trustees to help those who were “trying to keep off the Parish”; he did not get any of the “Charity” and therefore ought not to have to pay 3d. a week for his child’s education.

I told him he ought to have more self-respect than to talk that way, that he was bound to provide Education for his children as well as food and raiment; that the cost of education in the School was a great deal more than he was asked to pay for it.

It is sad to see how even many of the better sort of men here have been pauperised by the existence of the Charity and how ignorant and selfish they are in the matter. I reminded him  that he expected to be well paid, and was well paid for all the work he did for the School, the farmers, myself etc and he had no right to expect us to pay entirely for the cost of his child’s education – etc etc. They all seem to think that the funds of the Charity can be made to do anything and everything.

Gave Lecture on the Instinct of Animals this evening and exhibited Magic Lantern.  Owing to the season, I presume, and another lecture last week, not many were present and only 9/6 was taken.