Stevens 1877-11-28

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Visited school. Library case is finished except staining and varnishing.

Visited Thomas Padbury at Colony and reminded him that his allotment rent was 2 months overdue and that he must in future pay me on rent night. He said he would call and pay it in a week or 10 days.


  • Jane Legge
  • Humphrey Sabin who seems very unwell with a chest complaint.
  • Ann Paine who has removed to Miss Somerton’s in late Mr Dix’s old house.
  • Edward Fox’s wife
  • John Coleman’s – gave her an order for pair of boots for her youngest son who is apprenticed to Mr Fox for 4 years. She asked for calico also, but I had none to give her and told her I did not think the Feoffees could continue giving flannel and calico whenever asked for it.