Stevens 1877-11-12

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Gave out coal tickets (Heath Charity) at the school at 9 o’clock this morning.

Cautioned Mrs Benjamin Messenger to send her little girl more regularly to school. Until this morning she has been absent ever since the holidays.

Mrs Thomas Coleman owed some school pence which she made some difficulty about paying. But she paid it and I told her that if she gave any trouble next time she would have to go without her ticket altogether.

Told George Messenger’s daughter that the Feoffees would take into consideration at their next meeting whether, seeing the allotment rent had not been paid, any further allowance should be given to him.

Called on Miss Dix this morning and learnt that Ezra Hillman came out on Saturday with Miss Mawle and that he is no better for his visit to Eastbourne.

Coal distribution commenced under supervision of James Barnes.

Visited Mr Woolgrove and Mrs Hitchcox with Mrs Stevens and Frank.