Stevens 1877-10-17

Married Thomas Green son of Joshua Green to Esther Holtom, daughter of John Holtom.

Visited school and Heath allotments. Gave Tarver junior permission to remove some clay from his allotment to his father’s to benefit the soil of each.

Jesse Bishop has a fine crop of carrots. He says they grow 10 to 20 tons per acre. He reckons to have 10 to 12 this time. He gets £2.15 per ton for them at Banbury.

He asked me whether I should turn him out of his allotment because he had taken a few acres of ground near bottom of Pitch Hill. I told him I should not. But if he took a farm it would be a different matter.

Visited John Coleman this evening. He has bought the crop on James Sabin’s allotment and thinks it would not be right to seize it for the rent. I told him he had better not remove it for a few days. He says James Sabin is not likely to pay unless forced to do so.