Stevens 1877-06-22

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Mrs Lively came this morning and asked me to lend her grand-daughter Fanny Manning money to go to a situation in London. I asked her whether she had been to her parents Mr and Mrs Thomas Manning. She said she had and that Mrs Manning had given her 2/6 saying it was all she had. I told her to tell Fanny to come to me. When she came she said she had got a situation near Battersea Park as “kitchen girl” in the house of a Mr Taylor, formerly of Banbury who keeps a boarding and day school there. I lent her 10/- which she promised to return me as soon as she received it from her mistress who had promised to pay her fare when she arrived.

Visited James Barnes who had a fainting fit this morning and has been in bed ever since; though he had been up and about the house and garden all the week.

Visited Mr Ellis and saw him, but as he was asleep I did not disturb him. Mrs Ellis said he had taken almost nothing during the past three or four days. He looked much worse than when I last saw him.

Reproved William Sabin and Lines of Sibford Ferris for playing “cricket” in the roadway at Sibford Gower. Lines threw what appeared to me to be a stone but which he said was a ball in front of my horse as I was driving along the road which was covered with stones, some of them very large ones.

Paid Mr Elley his quarter’s salary.

Stephen Hands should have paid his rent yesterday, but as he did not I sent Mr Elley up to him with a note requesting payment and a receipt. Mr Hands was not at home and therefore he left the note, bringing back the receipt.

Received from the Charity Commissioners the “Lease for a year” dated 1824 belonging to the Town Estate together with a letter respecting the present property of the Charity. I acknowledged the receipt of the former and gave particulars of the latter.

Benjamin Messenger called last night and I gave him the task of cutting the hay in the Slinket which he undertook to do for 8/- all included. He with the help of his sons have cut it all down today.