Stevens 1877-04-16

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Choir practice for choral festival under Mr Wells.

Visited Miss Dix.

The Lancashire Insurance Company to whom the insurance of the church has been transferred have inserted a clause in the policy “warranted that no supply of mineral oil” is kept in the church. I pointed this out to Mr Woolgrove last week and he spoke to Mr Fox, the agent. He therefore wrote to the office. In their reply they said we should keep the oil outside the church or in a brick vault. I requested Mr Fox this evening to inform the company that we could not do anything of the kind, that we ordered only 2 gallons of oil at a time, that other offices did not make such a stipulation, and that if they did not cancel it from the policy we should not renew. Mr Fox quite agreed with me that it was an unreasonable clause.

Mr ?Elley? told me last Friday that he had taken more school pence lately than ever before. So that my action with respect to the charity is having some good effect, since regularity in paying school fees represents to some extent regularity in attendance.