(May 2023) A Greener Sibford Community

Blessed as we are to live in this beautiful area, we’ve been thinking about how together we could help make the Sibfords an even better, greener and more sustainable community. If you feel the same way, we would welcome your response and support, even in the smallest way.

You probably know that some years ago Hook Norton set up their own voluntary organisation to help residents to use electric vehicles, advise on domestic heating and insulation, and encourage the building of zero-carbon homes. It is a very practical approach which seems a good model to us. Legislation and taxation already means that In the next few years, most of us will want to make optimum decisions about replacing our cars, oil and gas boilers, and other means to cut energy costs. Some within the community have gone further with solar installations and net zero energy housing. Many have experience with suppliers and heat pump installations for example.

We think that if we could share the expertise we already have, and develop a shared knowledge base about the pros and cons of particular solutions and the best technologies and deals around, everyone could gain some benefit.

We invite you to think about whether you have professional or user experience in this area which you could share, and whether you would be prepared to spend a little of your time with us to develop a community approach in an area of common benefit.

At the moment this is not a Parish Council initiative, but we will of course keep both the Sibford Ferris and Sibford Gower Parish councils up to date with our plans and seek their help and support where appropriate.

If you can, please drop us a line by email to sibford.community@gmail.com and let us know what experience you have, what are the most pressing issues for you, or how you might be willing to contribute. Our first step would then be to bring people together to discuss how to take this forward.

Stephen Gomersall, Tom Dyson, John Wass, Stewart Roussel