(February 2017) Unidentified flying object lands at Sibford School

A snow covered fieldA strange flying saucer-like craft has landed in the grounds of Sibford School near Banbury. Children returned after the Christmas break to discover that an unidentified flying object had crashed into their Forest School area. By the time the children arrived, the scene of the crash had been cordoned off with police tape and investigations are on-going as to how and why the space ship came to land at Sibford.  Junior School Head, Edward Rossiter said: “To say the children were surprised would be an understatement! We had received reports of strange sounds and flashes being seen in the sky overnight but the scene at the crash site and the size of the craft was incredible and really left the children in awe.”

Traditionally, Sibford Junior School marks the first half of the Spring Term with a creative curriculum where by all lessons are centred around a central theme. In the past, topics have included Beneath the Waves and The Rainforest and, as luck would have it, the theme for 2017 is Out of this World!

Said Edward Rossiter: “I suspect it will take the children a good five weeks to really get to the bottom of what happened here!”