(June 2014) Get fit for free in the Ferris

Five pieces of outdoor gym equipment have recently been purchased and installed by the Sibford Ferris Parish Council in the grounds of Sibford School adjacent to the Multi-Use Games Area. There is now an opportunity, for all those over 14 years of age, to use the various pieces of equipment each of which offers a different form of exercise. Children under 14 are not sufficiently physically developed and should not use the equipment as it may cause them physical injury. Each piece of equipment has its own instructions for use. These explain how to use the equipment and the benefits to be gained. They are used entirely at your own risk.

The five pieces are: Chest Press/Pulldown Exerciser, Surfer, Skier/Cross Trainer, Rower and Spacer Walker. We hope that this outdoor, free-to-use gym will provide a new and exciting facility for a wide section of our community.

We are most grateful to Sibford School for the use of their land and to Adrian Lamb who has master minded and carried out the installation process.

We look forward to hearing how you are improving your levels of fitness in this lovely setting.

A vintage photo of a group of people standing in front of a fence