(July 2012) Greedy squirrel?

I thought that it may interest readers to know and also I would like some advice as so far I have lost 5, yes 5, hanging bird feeders — not just the food, but the whole things and I can only say that there must be some particularly greedy squirrels. The last lot ran off with not just 5 fatballs, but again the tube feeder.

I use to live on 6 acres of an idyllic private, beautiful garden, with copious amounts of wildlife and never experienced this problem, I cant believe that it would be a two legged variety as again, what would they need so many for, however where on earth would a squirrel go with a whole feeder, most certainly they would have problems burying them, plus the last lot of feeders I tied on! Advice please as otherwise this winter the birds will be having nought from me and I do miss seeing them feed.