(March 2012) Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits

We have been thinking back to our childhoods in the 1930s and doing a rough count of the village of Sibford Ferris from Little London to Margaret Fell House, to the bend in Woodway Road and to the top of Mannings Hill. We reckon there were 48 dwellings with 58 children, 9 dogs, 8 cars and 1 riding horse. Since then there have been 89 more dwellings, plus the development at the Manor and the School houses, Penn, Lister, Margaret Fell, Feilding and the junior school. .

A village water supply and electricity both came to the Village in the 1930s but the sewage scheme was later. We had a good local bus service and a carrier (lorry).

It seems that the children have been replaced with dogs, horses and cars, reflecting the fact that house prices here are mostly beyond the pocket of those with younger families.

Now we’ll just sit for a bit.

Arnold and Ina Lamb