(June 2010) Sibford Wombling Society

At the last count, there were 14 members of the Society, all armed with Wombling sticks (litterpickers). Now that spring is here and Summer nearly upon us, the members should be out of hibernation and if so, will be pleased to see the great success of the village Litter Blitzes which took place recently.

Womblers, we have a duty to keep our villages just as the litterblitzers left them so please brush down your Wombling sticks and take them with you whenever you go out for a walk. (Not recommended for those who run). New members welcome; the sticks cost about £15 and can be obtained through me (780980).

Whilst working, you can hum to yourself our friendly ditty to the original tune, the words of which go:

All round the villages, one, two and three
The Wombles of Ferris, Gower, Burdrop are we,
Picking up rubbish as hard as can be
And making us tidier — hope you’ll agree.

We’d rather be sitting down watching TV
So please take your litter home, leaving us free.

Uncle Bulgaria