(July 2008) Granddad

by Jennie Lawrence (aged 8)

He’s tall and plump with body bent
Sad eyes of pale blue,
Grey hair grows on a balding head,
A nose plonked just below.
His smile shows off his ancient teeth
With wrinkles furrowed deep.
His rough hands show the years of work
While country accent still he’ll keep.

Down long lanes he travels
Bow legged and pigeon toed.
His dog a good companion
As round the fields he roamed.
Then walking through the village
Up the hills and down
Meeting with the locals
Who’ve moved down from the town?

He’s good and very thoughtful
To people round about
He collects and delivers pensions
And I know you’ll never doubt
His kindness and his friendship,
But most of all you see
He is my dear old Granddad
And that’s good enough for me!