(December 2007) Autumn Gold

Like a full tide
Is in.
The colours brighten to their glory glow;
Crimson, gold, orange, yellow.
This year it seemed to be so long
Watching summer
Come down off his
High throne.
Then, sudden clickswitch season change
As clocks go back
And straightaway,
The leaf carpet is deep and crisp kicking,
And in the clear sky
Of a new November afternoon,
Golden light is born.
In the flood of it
New greens and creams flow along hedgerows
Thick with growing Old Man’s Beard,
And I am no longer afraid
Of the pallid lips
Of a washed out, blue-veined winter
Kissing me with its cold.
Autumn has shone for me
And bathed my soul

Jo Huckvale November 1st 2007.
Written on the way back from Burford.