(October 2005) Sibford Gower School Infants Class 1939 (4-8 yrs)

Back Row L – R: Mrs. Tarver, Steven Nodon, Eddie Brown, Doreen Stevens, Bruce Horne, Tommy Harvey, Lennard Spicer, Helen Nodon.

Middle Row L – R: Donald Haynes, Eve Bodfish, John Davis, Peter Stowe, Peter Hoddenot, Pamela (Whitehead?), Walter Davis, David Dyer, Billy Barton.

Front Row L – R: Michael Canning, Peter Haynes, Jean Stewart, Ruth Tanner, Peggy Jeffries, Cynthia Woolgrove, Sydney Haynes, Derek Bodfish.

Many parents will receive the new Primary School class photos shortly and this shows the value of writing down the names at the time. Will you remember all the class in 65 years time?

A group of people posing for a photo