(October 2003) Would you like to join the Wombles?

My medical advisers encourage me to walk each day and in doing so, I have been shocked to find the amount of litter thrown down.

So it is that We Sibford Womblers, which now comprises one fully armed member and one prospective member, has been born. There are a number in the Villages who regularly walk and may I encourage them to join this Association. All that is needed is a plastic bag and a Litter-picker, the latter can be obtained from Helping Hand Retail 01531 xxxxxx price for a 32 inch version £15.99 postage free. There is a discount for two or more so I suggest that anyone wishing to join the Association let me know their requirement and I will arrange the necessary quantity.

I know that there are a number of others in our villages who walk each day and previous letters in The Scene have drawn attention to the litter problem, I hope to hear from many new prospective members of The Sibford Womblers. The litterpicker is very light and most handy. I hope that we may remove this litter scourge from these villages for ever.

Yours sincerely
Norman Nash