(December 2000) The Sibfords Society

During the next few months, members of the Society are intending to ask for the help of villagers who were born in the Sibfords or have lived here for many years, in recounting their memories to make an Oral History of the Sibfords. This will be done in a very informal and relaxed way, on a one- to-one basis to begin with and later on, when we are recording the communal events which took place in the village, we will ask a small group to meet, so that they can help to stir up memories of days gone by. This project is very important, as it will help to record the life of a village community throughout the last century. Other communities in the country have already commenced this work and future generations will find our lives as fascinating as we find the diaries and accounts of life from previous centuries.

We do not have a meeting in December and would like to remind you that we have our enjoyable annual Social Evening on Thursday, 18 January at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, and would ask everyone to provide a plate of food for a bring and share supper. The evening is open for non-members of the Society to come along and join in a very pleasant evening.

CHRISTMAS CARDS – we have cards left from the previous two years, as reported in last month’s Scene. We are selling these at the bargain price of 5 for £1.00 and Ivor Hopkyns will be happy to help you on 788xxx.