(October 2000) The Sibford web site – the other side of the coin

Having read, with interest, the letter in last months issue regarding the proposed re-positioning of the Sibford web site, I thought perhaps we should pause for thought before launching into this venture because, unfortunately, not everyone who “surfs the net” does so with good intentions – in fact some may even have malicious reasons for so doing.

Also, do we really want our village to become too well known – do we want to become a tourist attraction like Broadway, Chipping Campden or Stowon-the-Wold where one can hardly see the lovely villages for cars & people?

Surely our needs regarding local services, calendar of events etc. are more than adequately met by our own very efficient “Sibford Scene”, local newspapers and the very useful “Advertiser” published every month.

Would it not perhaps be appropriate, therefore, to hold a Village Meeting or Referendum before committing ourselves to the new web site, as it will affect every household and every person in the village.

Mary Malloy