(July 2000) Goodbye Sibford Brownies

As you may know Vivienne and Isobel alias Brown Owl and Tawny Owl, are finishing running brownies after many years. Sadly this is resulting in the closure of the Sibford Brownies.

There is a collection going on. to present them with gifts on their leaving. If any ex brownies or their parents would like to contribute please contact their helpers – Kate Lewis 788xxx or Kayleigh Gilkes 788xxx A.S.A.P.

It is very sad to see another long established part of Village life, the Brownies, closing. In the same week as the Pageant reminds us of our villages history and of the time when there were 3 bands in the village to play at the Club Days, it is a sad reflection of what village life has become over the years when there is no one in our community who can find the time to help keep the Brownies running. Ed.