(June 1999) Sibford Gower Parish Council – APM

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on April 30th. Ten local electors attended the meeting.

The Chairman reported that works to improve the drains in the Colony Road had been done and new gullies had been installed. However the Council was still waiting for more work to be carried out but due to the highways reduced budget this work might take some time before it would be completed.

Mr David Randall has agreed again to look after the village footpaths, cutting them back twice a year, Spring and Autumn.

Parking was still a major problem at the cross-roads and by the pond.

At the moment Emergency Services are not be able to get through Main Street and Bonds End Lane and the Council is urging car owners to park their vehicles in their garage or on their driveway.

Dog fouling is also on the increase. Will dog owners please be responsible and clear up alter their dogs.

A lengthy discussion took place about planning issues. Discontent was expressed by both villagers and members of the Council because of the lack of support from the Planning Department and Committee given the number of permissions granted on sensitive applications against the wishes of village residents and the Parish Council. The Chairman thanked everyone who helped with the Litter blitz.

The Annual Parish Council meeting will be held on May 21st at the Primary School.

Petra Berry, Clerk