(May 1999) The Sibford Millennium Panels

Our Sibford Millennium Panels are now displayed at The Mill Arts Centre until 9th May. I do hope you will make every effort to visit them, it is a wonderful opportunity to view them in a public gallery during their first public show.

Sixty-seven contributors have worked hard and produced six large panels. Fresh, colourful and packed with interest, they should make every Sibford resident glow with pride. A real community project and a real achievement.

Sibford School have added a richness to this project producing their own independent panel. The Sibford School Panel shows the variety of school buildings while the delightful figures depict school life.

Keith Hicks has produced three lovely, informative display boards related to the Pageant which complement our panels.

To complete the exhibition we have included work by:

  • Zella Andrews whose idea for producing a Mill Panel which was not possible, combined with the proposed Pageant and request for ideas to celebrate the Millennium led to the Sibford Millennium Panels.
  • Joan Shields, Beryl Sabin and Kathleen Winter who have advised and helped with the practical work. Without their help and support we would not have these panels.

We welcome Fred inns as our last contributor. Fred made our frames to complete and display the panels.

Visiting our exhibition will give some of you an opportunity to visit The Mill perhaps for the first time. A lovely gallery, a friendly, welcoming environment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. The Mill aims to offer something to everybody, offering a very varied programme of entertainment and classes.

Special thanks to:- All contributors some of whom produced several pieces of work. All those responsible for stitching down the work onto the background, some spending many hours hemming and some taking work home. John and Luke Mulley for their help and support. Luke helped stretch the panels and he then placed them on the frames.

Our next project will be our records.

Now that the panels are complete we can all turn to the Pageant, our next community project, to work for and enjoy.

Mollie Picken (Mulley)