(April 1999) Holy Trinity Church news

Receipts for the Sibford Church Roof Repairs appeal have now reached approximately £38,000, of which loans total £12,000. we are waiting hopefully for certain charities and subject to any help that they may be able to give, we still therefore have to raise £25,000 if we are to proceed with this work.

Our tine is now running short if we are to start the work as planned in June as definite instructions must be given to the builders within weeks. with another £15,000 we could do the roof, ceiling and gutter work and leave the internal repairs and decorations until a later date. Would we, however, have any better response to an appeal then as now? Also, we have good quotations now which may not be repeated later. Furthermore, to split the jobs would greatly add to the cost of the second operation: scaffolding which could he used for both operations would have to be removed and then brought back later; costs continue generally to rise.

We have been surprised by some strong comments that the church should spend no money on its roof and should, if necessary, be abandoned. These comments are perfectly valid though the strongest views coming from villagers is that a church building forms a traditional centre of the community and should be retained if at all possible. It is also submitted that the building was passed to us by a previous generation, is held by us in trust and we are responsible to pass it on to the next generation in good order.

We are encouraged by the support that many have given to us but the facts are though that we may soon have to make the decision to cancel the work with the result that the building nay be doomed and, sooner rather than later, will have to be abandoned.

Suggestions have been made for coffee mornings and other regular activities to he run. These offers are greatly appreciated and will be welcomed but time is not on our side. They would be a great help as a continuing money raising activity to help pay off the loans which are being offered.

Two members of the PCC, Roger Powell and Nornan Nash are making personal visits to people who have not yet responded to the appeal. They may have already approached you but should they contact you in the near future for a visit, please do give then a hearing.