(February 1999) Wheathills Farm

In the last issue of the Scene it was reported that an offer had been made by the Town Estate Charity. In fact a number of conflicting offers had been made and the agents therefore issued a second and different invitation which called for a swift response.

Because of the very strong desire in the villages to obtain control of the top field in particular, as expressed by the magnificent response to the pledge appeal, the chairmen of the two Parish Councils and the Charity agreed to make a second offer improved to the limit of the estimated funds available from the appeal and the Charity. This offer was accepted and the sale has now been completed, and the Charity now owns on behalf of the villages and itself the field between the Primary School and the churchyard.

The appeal fund is still open to receive donations as well as to assist the arrangement of Gift Aid tax relief certificates on donations already made. The final results will be reported in a later issue of the Scene.