(November 1998) Do you want double yellow lines throughout the Village and the police to vigorously enforce them?

Sibford Gower Parish Council is appealing for help from all car, truck and van owners to park their vehicles off the road if at all possible. The Council has appealed for your co-operation in this matter on numerous occasions in the past and your response has been disappointing.

Parking in both villages has become a problem, increasingly cars etc. are being parked on the road, especially near to junctions and blind bends which is both dangerous and inconsiderate to both other road users and pedestrians.

The Council is concerned that a serious accident will occur and therefore are currently in discussions with the local police with a view to solving the problem in the worst affected area, i.e. Sibford Gower Cross-roads, the area around the pond and of course the corners in Burdrop, and thus are appealing to villagers with off street parking facilities to use them.

The Council will monitor the situation over the next weeks and unless there is an improvement they will be discussing ways of solving the problem which will include yellow lines, ‘no parking’ signs, issue of parking tickets and obstruction notices.