(October 1998) Vandalism at Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School

As a parent and P.T.A. member, I was disappointed to read the following in the school newsletter recently.


Over the summer break, external redecoration was carried out and the children’s cloakrooms painted. Sadly, in addition to this, the school suffered quite expensive damage on a regular basis: three external doors were broken and have had to be replaced; a gate was broken beyond repair; two windows were cracked by items thrown at them; aluminium guttering was snapped as a result of someone climbing onto the flat roof; coping stones around the playground have been broken and displaced, presumably by skaters, who have covered them and the playground benches in wax; and the seats on the playbus have been smashed. I estimate that the whole of our annual budget for repairs will have been used up repairing this damage. It is particularly disturbing to think that it was probably done by former pupils. The evidence left regularly around the building also suggests that they are heavy lager drinkers too!

The P.T.A. spend many hours organising fund-raising events to provide ‘extras’ for the children. It would be a great shame if this money was needed to meet the cost of repairs in the future. This may well be the case it any further damage is inflicted during the forthcoming school year.

May I please ask villagers to keep an eye open when passing the school and perhaps to ask any suspicious looking characters to move on their way. Thank You

Ann Lewis – on behalf of Sibford Gower Primary School P.T.A.