(July 1998) The Millennium Panels – How they came about

A number of different things each sowing a seed happened at the same time bringing about The Millennium Panels.

Ideas for the Millennium were being requested. I approached David Ryall who was very enthusiastic and spoke to the Sibfords Society. The Millennium committee approached The Town Estates Charity who have also supported us. Mr Elliot has allowed us to use his school. The Mill, Banbury where the idea originated and project started has also supported us allowing me to apply for a small grant.

Realising I would need practical help I approached Joan Shields, Beryl Sabin and Kathleen Winter. I would not have attempted this without their support.

The panels were planned to complement the Pageant. We are working to make a visual record of life today and tell our history through characters from the Pageant. They are being completed next spring to allow enough time to work for the Pageant.

I have worked hard to make this a real community project open to all. Our Workshops have been happy occasions. The contributors should feel very proud of their achievement, over fifty people have been involved and all are welcome. We are now having our summer break. We will be starting again at the end of September. If you would like to join us please contact me.

Mollie Mulley