(May 1998) W.I. News & Information

It may have been bleak without, but all was warm and friendly within as our new president, Mrs Brenda Power, guided us through the varied business session.

Were we interested in the Group’s forthcoming musical evening at Cropredy? Would we be willing to help entertain and cater for our visitors on the Sibford Circular Walk next month? And would we like to make an advance payment on our own 70th anniversary celebration? Both the secretary and treasurer were busy taking names!

Then it was time to relax as we heard of the healing and soothing properties of the wonder herb, Aloe Vera. From an itch to an ache, from spots to sores, there was a cream, a lotion or potion for all!

The competition for our (less exotic) home grown herbs was won by Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Mills.

Next month‘s conpetition is for an original limerick – the scope is unlimited!

Mrs Elldred and. Mrs Gallard ensured that we were fortified to face the elements at the close of another pleasant meeting.