(June 1998) The Tuesday Bike Ride

Our first outing, when 20 of us met at the Village Hall and, having split into two groups, followed a shorter route for the families which went to Shutford, on towards Lower Tadmarton before returning along Swalcliffe Lea, while the other group took in Pound Lane and Epwell before joining the same route. Having all met up on the way into Swalcliffe we finished the route via Swalcliffe Grange to the Elm and on to the Village Hall.

Our second trip saw a similar number of us riding out to Hook Norton and through to Swerford and Wigginton before returning via the Elm. If you would like to join us we will be organising routes of between 7 and 12 miles each week. We aim to be out for about 1½ hours.

For more details call Adrian Lamb or Joanna Gilkes.