(March 1998) 1st the Sibford Scout Group

People often say to me “How are Scouts going in Sibford?”. Before I reply, I ask myself whether they mean numbers or enthusiasm. The lowest number in the last 17 years was when the Group was reformed in 1981 with Erica Wimbush as Assistant Cub Scout Leader and just 9 Cubs. The highest membership was in our 60th anniversary year in 1991 when there were 10 Leaders and 59 boys. 3 members of the original 1931 Troop attended our celebrations at the Friends School in the November. Currently total membership is 55.

When it comes to enthusiasm, Sibford Scouts (used collectively for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts as well as Scouts) has never been stronger, with badge work and activities as varied as ever. A night hike and cooking competition have been recent highlights for the older boys. Current ages in the sections are very young – only 2 Scouts over 12, 80% of Cubs under 10 and all the Beavers 7 or less. Hopefully this imbalance will right itself over the next couple of years.

The monthly newspaper collection is still a major source of revenue and we are grateful to the villagers for their continued support, and parents and Leaders who take the newspapers to the skip.