(December 1996) Thank you, again, Mollie

As most of our readers will know, for many years the front page of each issue at the Scene has been graced by drawings produced by Mollie Mulley. In just the last four years we have had delightful sketches of flowers & birds and, for 1995-6, Sibford houses, shops, pubs, schools & places of worship. A review of these artistic gems reveals how much thought went into choosing the appropriate subject for the month as well as the time spent in producing each miniature masterpiece.

Sadly, for us, Mollie now finds that she is having to give up producing these sketches, because of the interest shown by villagers in her ‘Millennium Panels’ project, which will take up most of her spare time during the next two years.

Our sincere thanks go to Mollie for giving us so much of her time and talents over many years and we wish her great success in her millennium project.

Fortunately, we already have one similarly gifted lady willing to share her talents with us, but I would be very pleased to hear from anyone else who might like to share the challenge of preparing front page sketches, perhaps on an ‘alternate issue’ basis.

The Editor