(May 1995) Three times in a row – mission accomplished

A happy competitor is putting pen to paper to record his thanks and appreciation to all those good folks in the SIBFORDS for sponsorship of this “wrinkle” in the 1995 LONDON MARATHON.

THE TIMES — WEDNESDAY, the 5th APRIL records that D.Bennett completed the course in 3H 38M 21S (adjusted to 3H 33M 51S) and finished in 6831 position — a marked improvement in time by 7 minutes and up by 2700 places.

A glorious day – with a light breeze off the Thames to ease the heat of the last few miles – made it an occasion to remember. Most importantly, a 4-figure sum has been raised to support WORKABLE, the charity which support students with disabilities into work placements and real jobs.

Competitor 24911 is new retiring “at the top” — the legs are willing, the heart still beats, but it is new opportune for others to get their chance to participate in the nation’s folklore. The final message is a big thank you to everyone in the SIBFORDS for their generosity and encouragement over the last 3 – MARATHONS.