(November 1994) Letter to the Editor – white sticks

Dear Sir

I am puzzled by the white plastic sticks that have appeared in the road at the bottom of Main St in the Ferris. What are they for?

Are they to protect those pedestrians who, in accordance with the Highway Code, walk down the road on The Manor side? Such pedestrians (especially those with push-chairs, etc) are now forced to walk several feet away from the wall and in the path of oncoming vehicles.

Or are they to protect drivers from hitting the wall? They don’t seem to be tall enough for drivers to judge accurately their distance from them. A consequent drift to the right to keep well clear of the sticks nay lead to a collision or force an oncoming car to swerve into a pedestrian on the other side of the road. In effect, the sticks seem to have narrowed the usable road by several feet, at a point where vehicles tend to travel relatively fast.

If they are not there to protect people or vehicles, what are they for? Surely not (as one wag has suggested) to “protect” the Manor garden wall? Such a reason would lead to more questions & comments than the Editor would allow space for in one issue of the Scene.

A Sibford Ferret